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Looking for something with bite?

“Love, Pan-Fried” by Gray Crosbie is our first collection of flash fiction and it is a little gem. This Wicked Wee Bk has a life of its own and has claws, scales and wings to show for it.

You can purchase a copy here and/or inquire for one at your local bookshop.

Launch events for the collection are scheduled for October and early November. Keep an eye out on our events page.

new book cover
Artwork by Johanne Licard


Knight Errant Press are here to champion you – readers and writers – and to carry your voices, loud and proud, out into the world.

To date we have published the first volume of “F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary” – an anthology about gender and our first successful Kickstarter venture, and “Queering the Map of Glasgow” – a small collection of stories queering the map of the city, and first in our Wicked Wee Bks series.

We want you to find the courage and inspiration, through writing and the gut-punching power of words, to become your own Knight in Shining Armour. Here we will armour you and your peers with the knowledge that difference is precious, essential and must be fought for and defended in these troublesome times.

We may be small but we are mighty! We believe that the English language, the almighty global tycoon, despite its reputation, can serve some good in uniting people from the most unlikely places and backgrounds. At the moment we are limited to two languages – Russian and Italian – that we can translate into English in-house. Feel free to submit your own translations!*

We publish a variety of creations – fiction, poetry, non-fiction and graphic work. Especially pieces that challenge literary genres and norms and address the need for intersectional thinking and writing in today’s world. Our aim is to bring about more narratives from and about LGBTQIA, BAME, working class and migrant folk, as well as to be the bridge for similar narratives from other cultures and languages by supporting translators and publishing works and authors in translation.

All are voices which often slip past the big yins and are deemed too niche for commercial publishing. We are willing to take the risk. For as a great artist and letter-writer, Vincent van Gogh, once wrote:

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

Saintes-Maries Series by Van Gogh 1888 (Pushkin Museum)

No human experience, fictional or otherwise, is too niche for us. We love writing that challenges preconceived notions and makes us think and probe beyond our elaborately constructed realities. We hope to nourish such talent at Knight Errant Press. It is our job to make your voices heard, read and recognised.

Our open submissions are currently closed but they will reopen next year (March 2020).

If you’re about Scotland (specifically the central belt) make sure to check out our creative writing workshops: They Come from Within


* Bear in mind the author’s copyright if you are not translating your own work. We can only publish out-of-copyright works or ones that have the copyright holder’s written approval for the translation.