an invitation | anthology launch, Kickstarter and more

F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary – Volume I & II

Volume I – February + March 2018 | Volume II – June + July 2018

Our first project is taking shape and is finally looking like an actual manuscript (!) and that, folks, means that our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, in January, whilst everyone is recuperating from the festive period, we will be preparing for February [cue] keep an eye out for sneaky previews, WIP’s and behind the scene shots of our preparations. We have a feeling it might get a little intense.

Our Kickstarter campaign will be launched in the week commencing the 5th of February, just in time for the launch event – we will post about it in advance with a link for you to follow, pledge and share.

An important side note: once we started work on the first draft of the anthology, we quickly came to realise just how beastly it was going to be (in size and scope) and have made the executive decision (following sage advice from a friend) to split the queer behemoth in two.

Thus, dear readers, you have not one but TWO beautiful books full of queer, thought provoking content to look forward to. This move is strategic and reduces our initial fundraising goal by just over a 1/3 and makes the whole process MUCH more manageable.

To celebrate the launch of the Kickstarter we would like to invite you to join us at The Lighthouse Bookshop (Edinburgh, Scotland) on the 8th of February at 20.00 – for some epic words and boundary smashing stories from a handful of talented humans who’ve contributed to the anthology and, of course, free nibbles and wine. Follow the link and make sure you RSVP, The Lighthouse is a cosy space! 

About the anthology and the event:

From fierce feminism to modern masculinity, nuanced experiences of nonbinary identities, perspectives on passing, speculative futures and supernatural beings, childhood, femme fatales, brazen boyishness and the like – F, M or Other is Knight Errant Press’ first curated collection; fresh, punchy and pertinent.

A bold variety of perspectives on the human condition, examining and subverting our perception of the gender binary with a multitude of voices across gender, location and experience.

Discover the pantheon of gender through this compilation of fiction, poetry, comics and essays, and explore what gender means for our understanding of ourselves, how we perceive the past and what we’ll carry into the future.

Contemporary and fearless, this collection homes hard questions and difficult experiences — offset by humour, hope and humanity. Revealing and uplifting, it’s a challenge not to find a reflection of yourself or someone you know within its pages.

Humans featured: Eris Young (Aether and Ichor), Eleanor Capaldi, Fee Johnstone, Ricky Brown, Miceala Shocklee, Gray Crosbie, George McDermid and others.

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