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Meet the Humans: Gray Crosbie

As part of our campaign we will be introducing you to our contributors – the fabulous, creative and talented people we’ve recruited for this project.

Gray Crosbie is a queer writer and performer who often writes in the boundary between flash-fiction and poetry. Their writing has been published in journals such as Firewords Quarterly, Northwords Now and Litro. In their free time, they enjoy travelling, drag shows, and too many vegan donuts.DSC05135b

[Knight Errant Press] Is gender identity a theme that comes up a lot in your writing? If not, what pushed you to explore it this time around?

[Gray]: I write about gender quite often. I think how we’ve thought of gender up until recently, particularly in terms of it being a strict binary system, is changing, which makes it an interesting topic to document and explore.

[KEP] Was there a particular book, short story, poem or event in your life that inspired you to write your own?

[G]: I tend to find inspiration in day-to-day life, in the things that go wrong, overheard conversations, daydreams etc.

[KEP] What’s the most famous book you haven’t read?/play you haven’t seen?/album you haven’t listened to?/film and TV series you haven’t watched?

[G]: Oliver Twist. The Sound of Music. Game of Thrones.

[KEP] Tea or coffee?

[G]: Nettle tea.

[KEP] Early morning or late into the night?

[G]: The place where the two meet.

[KEP] Digital or analogue?

[G]: Digital watches, analogue music.

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