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Theodor Kittelsen “Soria Moria” 19th c. 

33c8e4bec4f9d68bdbb22c6f0b016a22It Happened: Write Your Way OUT

A microbook of heartfelt coming out tales, illustrated through Floriography – the Victorian symbolic ‘language of flowers’. 


We want to show the variety of experiences that exist out there and provide a space for people to share their truth.

Project Leader – Lenka



  1. 500 words at most.
  2. No PDFs please.
  3. If your story is published it will be anonymous.
  4. This is not a competition: people of all writing levels/experiences/backgrounds are welcome to share their stories with the project.
  5. We suggest that the submission take form of non-fiction or autofiction; it can be either prose, poetry or a short essay.


Send your story to Lenka at




Our first in the Wicked Wee Bks imprint.

There will be a map. There will be an event in Glasgow’s recently opened, specifically and unapologetically queer, bookshop. With support from Scottish Book Trust’s Book Week Scotland. The event will mark the launch of this book AND the imprint. 

When?: 28th September 2018

What?: short essays and stories (no more than 3,000 words); poems; flash fiction; experimental material that can be printed on the page

Key ingredients: Glasgow, mapping, cartography, location, QUEER (aka LGBTQI+) experiences

Other specs: Paid. Print publication.

Event page WIP

F, M or Other:

Quarrels with the Gender Binary

Volume II

We are looking for a few more key ingredients. The general pitch is the same as Volume I but this time we are looking for specific formats, see below for more details.

How does gender shape our destiny, our identity? What are the ways in which gender interacts and intersects with our other identities? How can we break the barriers imposed on us by binary gender roles? What happens when we transgress?

Those are just a few of the questions we would like the submissions to our second volume of #QueerQuarrels to touch upon. We are particularly keen to read and publish more: essays, flash fiction and comics in the upcoming volume.

The topic is vast. It’s a global issue. There is a lot to discuss. In truth it feels like chipping away at an iceberg with a tooth pick. But we are here to stay and we will continue chipping away. Treat it like a pool of ideas. Fish out the one that is closest to your heart and run with it. At the end of it all there will be a book worthy of note!

The subject of gender is difficult to narrow down without excluding entire groups of people. Instead, we want to present the phenomenon of gender as a whole by exploring a variety of individual stories. (Pioneers such as Ursula K Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness and Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice spring to mind). We want you, the writer, to negotiate with this subject as you see fit – through your own experience, through a magical realm or through the structure of language itself.

We are looking for a few more key ingredients:

  1. Essays, flash fiction and comics that explore gender and transgress the gender binary, taking into account the intersectional influence of other identities on our perceptions and lived experiences of gender.
  2. Up to three submissions per person. Preferably in different categories.
  3. Up to 4,000 words for essays (however, in some circumstances we will consider slightly longer pieces, no longer than 5,000 words, each work will be accessed individually). Up to 6 pages for comics.
  4. Text based work should be submitted in Word, Libre Office or other similar format. Comics should be black and white (or grayscale) and be submitted as a PDF. We will not be printing coloured images for V2; if you are writing an essay that includes visuals – please bear this in mind.
  5. Submissions should be in English. We also accept submissions in Scots and other regional dialects. You can send us translated work but we are only able to help with translations from FR, IT, GR and RUS. Ideally the piece should already come with a translation.
  6. Submissions should be separate files from author bios. Labelled: FMOther V2: Category /Word or Page Count / Title / Submission #number) For example: “FMOtherV2_Comics_FivePages_BestComicEver_Submission1.”
  7. Bios should be maximum one page long, attached to the same email, and can include: author’s name or pseudonym, age, gender (as you identify), pronouns, country of residence (so that we know how international our scope is), a brief writing CV, any social media links, contact email if different from submissions email and anything else you might like us to know.
  8. We are publishers but most importantly we are human beings. Please give us fair warning for triggering content. For example: suicide, mental illness, self-harm, abuse, assault, trauma etc Editing is an emotional process and being prepared helps us retain our strength throughout the process.
  9. Has this piece been previously published? Let us know where and when. Please bear in mind that if you have published your work with another publication they may hold temporary rights (6 months or more) or exclusive rights to your work. Ideally, before submitting it to us, you should have checked with them first if you are free to publish it elsewhere.
  10. You must own the copyright to the work you submit.*
  12. QUESTIONS? Drop us an email or reach out on Twitter for the fastest response.

We insist, for the sake of unbiased selection, that you keep your author info and submission separate.

*Following the Terms and Conditions of the Contributor Agreement



FLASH FICTION (up to 1k)


Send to: 

OPEN UNTIL: 1st SEPTEMBER 2018 12.00pm (UK)






Sensitive information:

We are aware that some content that will be submitted to us may contain sensitive and/or explicit information. Therefore, we insist that a) youmark triggering content and b) that you be 16 or over.

Before sharing your submission with other contributing publishing folk we will always ask for your explicit approval. We will never release the personal information you have shared with us to a third party or to another contributor without your explicit written permission and any information we do have will be handled sensitively and stored securely.

How will this be funded?

We are currently applying for funding with our local art funding organisations and are also looking into partially crowdfunding Volume II.

What a crowdfunding campaign done by Knight Errant looks like. 

We are looking to gather great writing from all around the globe and crowdfunding has proven to be the most democratic way to fund such projects and reach a wider audience that is willing to read and support them. This is crucial for independent start-ups like ourselves.

We will run the collection of submissions and our funding application side by side and will keep contributors wholly informed of the process and our decision making.

What else?

We are adamant that our authors and contributors get fair remuneration for their work – none of that ‘exposure’ in exchange for free labour from us. Unfortunately, as an independent start-up, we currently have little to no capital to make upfront payments. This is why we rely on funding and crowdfunding campaign(s).


Ultimately rates will vary depending on the word/page count of the selected pieces and how much editorial work they will require.

We operate on the basis of respond on request – email us with the details and we will let you know.

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