They Come from Within: Creative Writing


S1: Pride and Identity (August-October 2017)
S2: Transformation and Visual Narratives (October 2017 – ONGOING)

2018 – Upcoming Events

Hell Panel from “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch

Workshops will return in February! 





Future workshops will be held every first Sunday of the month at Coffee on Wooer St.
There will be no workshops in Falkirk in December or January.


Future workshops’ location and dates TBC’d.


Future workshops’ location and dates TBC’d


Donations will go towards:

  1. Covering the costs of the workshop (printing, extra materials etc)
  2. Paying visiting writers, poets and artists for their time, expertise and travel
  3. The costs of creating the “They Come from Within” journal

We will be transparent about the amount raised and will notify folks of where the money (and how much) was allocated.

Suggested donations for regular workshops:
£5 or more if in employment
£3 or less if student/low income
If you can’t spare coin, instead, please spread the word-of-mouth (and on social media) about our workshops.




Title derives from the movie “They Came from Within” (Shivers) 1975 and the one-off open mic event “They Came From Within: Trans & Genderqueer Poetry Love-In” organised by Harry Giles in Leith, Edinburgh in January 2017. 

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