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In the past we had the pleasure of working with these wonderful humans: 


Rhi baby FACES


Rhiannon is a graphic designer and illustrator who started out making award winning feature length animations and documentaries. Tea fiend and Japanophile, she loves travelling, science and the sea. She now lives in Edinburgh, writing stories and drawing comics when no-one is looking.

Tweets @sephryngrey
Creator of all sorts of cool things over at Tea Wolf  Productions
You can also find her @teawolfproductions on Facebook



our shiny Marketing Assistant

MLitt Publishing student originally from Slovakia.
A graphic novel enthusiast and a strong supporter of expressing feelings through art. Mostly hopes for the best.

You can find her ramblings on Twitter @lenkamurova




Proofreader Extraordinaire

Kanika is an Indian who has lived in Scotland for a year now and still doesn’t quite understand the weather. She likes her sentences spelt correctly and her food spicy. She’s currently doing her master’s in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling.

You can find her @Kanika_Noir



Proofreader and Event Organiser Extraordinaire  for “They Come From Within”

Tanisha is a graduate in Creative Writing, Journalism and English at the University of Strathclyde. Born and raised in Scotland, she spends her time making content – be it comics, short stories, or animations. Her strength can be found in proofreading, while her weakness can be found in battenberg cake.






Office Dog (PhD in Patience)

Bonjour, je m’appelle Cossaque, je suis né en France – c’est marrant, oui – aujourd’hui, je vie en Ecosse et je me trouve mieux ici, dans mon pays d’origine historique. On m’appelle Kuzya, pas Lassie. J’aime me promener avec mon Maitre, surtout jouer avec une balle de tennis. Je n’ai jamais developpé un gout pour des legumes et des fruits. Avec l’age je suis devenu un vrai aventurier!