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Our 2019 publications: “Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz” by Ely Percy and “Love, Pan-Fried” by Gray Crosbie can be ordered directly from us and from our stockists, listed below.

“F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary” Volume 1 is sadly currently out of print, but the eBook is available in our online shop, along with limited edition art prints by Original Cinn and Allolune.


Nice things people have said about #QueerQuarrels Vol. 1:

“[a] brilliant anthology…refreshingly different perspectives.” DIVA Magazine, Kaite Welsh (March 2018 Issue)

” Initially I wasn’t sure if I was really the intended audience for this anthology, or whether it was really meant to be something in which people could find themselves (much as On Anxiety was for me, but more on that in a later post), but having read it I’ve come to the conclusion that this is absolutely a book for everyone. 

The diversity of genres included in the anthology is something I’d really like to highlight and praise, because while they didn’t all work perfectly for me, I think that having so many different styles of writing makes this collection so much more accessible. There’s bound to be something you enjoy, and a plethora of great new writers to discover. “ Bex, from Ninja Book Box

We are also in the top 3 recommendations of the 12+ Queer Anthologies to Wrap up Your Pride Month over at Twin Cities Geek.


We are stocked by:

Would you like to see our books in your local bookshop? Let them know. Or reach out to us and we’ll sort it out.

Would you like to stock our book(s)? Fantastic! Email us at knighterrantpress @ outlook. com

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