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Meet the Humans: Jonathan Bay

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Jonathan Bay is a trans poet from California currently living in Scotland as he finishes up a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. He is a House of Three poet and has been published in many journals and anthologies in UK. He likes intriguingly flavourful beer, traveling to wild places and empty quiet rooms.IMG_0133

[Knight Errant Press]: Is gender identity a theme that comes up a lot in your writing? If not, what pushed you to explore it this time around?

[Jonathan]: Gender identity is not necessarily something that I try to focus on exploring through my poetry – I find that it crops in though. I am most interested in exploring my own trans experience and how it relates to the world. I am highly conscious of my own upbringing as a then female bodied white middle class person and how that has affected the way in which I interact within the world. I don’t want to erase that past.

[KEP]: Has exploring gender affected your worldview and your writing and reading habits?

[J]: I’ve been lucky to get to explore queer writing in my postgraduate studies.

[KEP]: Was there a particular book, short story, poem or event in your life that inspired you to write your own?

[J]: At twelve I was encouraged to write poetry to process my parents’ divorce. I have been writing ever since.

[KEP]: What author or book do you think is most underrated? And why? 

[J]: I don’t think it’s underrated, but I love Li-Young Lee’s The City in Which I Love You.

[KEP]: Tea or coffee?

[J]: Depends on my mood.

[KEP]: Early morning or late into the night?

[J]: I enjoy sleeping, but there is something about the quiet of early morning and the way that it makes you feel like you have so much more time that I love.

[KEP]: Digital or analogue?

[J]: I prefer analogue but I am not a luddite.


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