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Here comes… Queermas!

The seasonal holidays can be both a joyous and a very difficult time for people.

Books make great presents, holidays at home, conversation starters and peace offerings. 🙂 Especially when queer books reach the right hands!

We want to brighten your and your loved ones’ winter with our books, so we decided to offer a 15% discount off  of all online shop orders:

The discount code is QUEERMAS and is valid from today until December 21, just so that we can have the orders arrive to you on time.

Queering the Map of Glasgow is back in stock and available to order. F, M or Other (Volume 1) is still out of physical stock but is available as an ebook and to pre-order.

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UPDATE: Publication Date and Edinburgh Launch


The kick-ass anthology you folks helped come to life will officially be published on

May 5th


It will be available to order from our online store from June 1st.

“Why the wait?”: Because we’d like to make sure that our Kickstarter backers get their hands on their copies first. It’s only fair, don’t you think?

#QueerQuarrels Volume 1 will very soon strut around the world with this bangin’ cover, artwork by Alice ‘Allolune’ Carnegie.

For a sweet treat – come join our book launch at Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh on Saturday, May 12th @ 18.00-20.00 pm to celebrate our first Kickstarter anthology through an informal panel with our contributors, lots of delicious cake, books and art prints!

Tickets are £5.00, this goes towards a full fiver discount when buying the book.

Watch our social media channels for awesome goodie vouchers that give you ticket discounts, free cake… OR BOTH!



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Meet the Humans: Jonathan Bay

UPDATE: This week we have climbed over the £2000 threshold! Let’s keep it going folks. 

As part of our campaign we will be introducing you to our contributors – the fabulous, creative and talented people we’ve recruited for this project.

Jonathan Bay is a trans poet from California currently living in Scotland as he finishes up a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh. He is a House of Three poet and has been published in many journals and anthologies in UK. He likes intriguingly flavourful beer, traveling to wild places and empty quiet rooms.IMG_0133

[Knight Errant Press]: Is gender identity a theme that comes up a lot in your writing? If not, what pushed you to explore it this time around?

[Jonathan]: Gender identity is not necessarily something that I try to focus on exploring through my poetry – I find that it crops in though. I am most interested in exploring my own trans experience and how it relates to the world. I am highly conscious of my own upbringing as a then female bodied white middle class person and how that has affected the way in which I interact within the world. I don’t want to erase that past.

[KEP]: Has exploring gender affected your worldview and your writing and reading habits?

[J]: I’ve been lucky to get to explore queer writing in my postgraduate studies.

[KEP]: Was there a particular book, short story, poem or event in your life that inspired you to write your own?

[J]: At twelve I was encouraged to write poetry to process my parents’ divorce. I have been writing ever since.

[KEP]: What author or book do you think is most underrated? And why? 

[J]: I don’t think it’s underrated, but I love Li-Young Lee’s The City in Which I Love You.

[KEP]: Tea or coffee?

[J]: Depends on my mood.

[KEP]: Early morning or late into the night?

[J]: I enjoy sleeping, but there is something about the quiet of early morning and the way that it makes you feel like you have so much more time that I love.

[KEP]: Digital or analogue?

[J]: I prefer analogue but I am not a luddite.


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